Would you love to be made into a print your fav animal?


A few inspirational pic’s collected from around the house. The ‘boy with cart’ is a little car bootie treat for 50p…some might say I was robbed but I love the kitschness.I have been drawing guinea pigs in one form or another for as long as I can remember. This cowboy guinea is on my boy’s bedroom wall, inspired by the Cath Kidston cowboy print. Working on a guinea pig babygrow so hopefully there are other fans of the animal other than just my obsessed family! We are basing the new bright pink babygrow colours on this 60’s cushion print. I love the variety of pinks all working together.





We are always on the look out for ideas for the next collection. If you or your little one have a fav animal you would love to be made into a print please email us with your ideas at info@littledandies.co.uk. At the moment I am currently trying to get a chicken to work on a tee as my little boy is obsessed with them so watch this space!

Just a few pics to kick off! I am a great fan of the brightly coloured crochet blankets and I just love this 60’s day glow retro one, the colours are crazy and shouldn’t work but they just look fab! The cake was my wedding cake! alongside with a 3 tier pork pie cake, I love this picture it always makes me smile and Nat made it which makes it extra special. The funky cow plate I bought years ago from a car boot, I love the retro printed coat on it, wouldn’t it be great if cows came in these colours. The knitted pineapple tea cosy my friends mum knitted for me and takes pride of place on my mini bar in my 50’s american diner kitchen.